How to Root Android Phone Simple Easy way:Android Rooting

Android Rooting   is the similar to administrative access linux / unix based operating systems

by allowing the android rooting we get the special root permissions like

  • Permissions to install new os platform or updating the new versions of android
  • permissions to remove pre-installed applications, games and customizing as you need and many more
  • permissions to replace system applications and settings

Here is the two Best ways for android rooting : 


  • KINGOROOT available for both android (.apk) and windows.
  • Easy and fastest rooting
  • high success rate 85 to 95 % 
  • well designed
  • its free for both android and windows

Steps & Suggestions for android root:

  • first try kingoroot.apk for android if its fails try pc based version
  • install and launch kingoroot
  • click  “One Click Root” on the user interface and wait for a few seconds until the result something appear on ui if not try again
  • Try a few more times for different rooting methods if not loaded and fails goto  to KingoRoot Android PC Version, which has a highest success rate. (this technique because some kind of persons not available computers or internet connection)

PC Users must follow these kind of things….

Device powered ON

At least 50% battery level

Internet connection necessary

USB Cable (the original one recommended)



Here the alternatives to kingoroot who are not satisfied with this

  • vroot
  • root genious
  • towelroot
  • baiduroot

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