OPERA VPN-Best Free Unlimited VPN (Faster & Reliable) is available now for Android & IOS


Here the good News for Internet Lovers who are searching for more private stuff and want to download the stuff available on the torrents / restricted sites (depends on country privacy policies) they are now accessed freely by the OPERA VPN (Virtual Private Network) – OPERA VPN  is the solution for the changing the country location on same gadget / mobile / pc — absolutely free

VPN :An inexpensive effective way of building a private network

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a technique used to add security and protection to private and open systems, similar to WiFi Hotspots and the Internet.

VPNs are regularly utilized by companies to secure touchy information

Unlock the web for free


  • FREE – no need to pay single cent

One of the fastest,more reliable Virtual Private Network Services

  • Available for IOS & ANDROID
  • 5 free server locations USA , CANADA , SINGAPORE , GERMANY , & The NETHERLANDS – FREE VPN for Android (Changing the ip address for privacy to access freely from the “you have no access here / this blocked  in your country “) & more will be added soon
  • comes with Wi-Fi security test tool
  • Android apk size is 46MB & supported for 4.0.3 and up versions updated on 22nd august 2016
  • IOS file size is 36.1 MB updated on July 30th 2016 and the version is 1.1.1

Excluding the file size everything is fine lets download the file & enjoy it

here the download links for android & IOS

VPN likewise checks whether the Wi-Fi system is open or private network , in the event that it’s encoded, what number of different gadgets have the same association, if the IP address and the area are uncovered, and on the off chance that others can screen or sniff your gadget subtle elements.

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